Les Rochers – A guesthouse in Normandy

The richness and the essence of life are its many surprises made up of discoveries and meetings. It was in Lower Normandy, in the department of Manche, between Bayeux and Saint-Lô, that I made one of my most beautiful, richest and most unexpected discoveries and meetings. Since the very beginning of this fascinating editorial blogger activity, I have had the pleasure of returning several times to this part of Normandy that I know well. A region where History vies with Heritage. But this new visit for this second collaboration with a Guest House was going to bless me with a human contact whose ramifications I still don’t fully measure today. A rare and generous meeting.

Departure from Gare Saint-Lazare to Bayeux, from where I was able to rent a car and go to the village of Cerisy-la-Forêt to the place called « Les Rochers » where this incredible farmhouse with the eponymous name, owned by Susanna and Konstantin, is located. Since our first conversations, this collaboration has not gone quite in the traditional way. Susanna favoured more direct human business, in the noble sense of the term, and naturally and quickly suggested that I contact her by telephone. A totally rare and daunting experience for the shy and timid creature that I am. However, her pleasant idea had the effect of establishing a spontaneous and warm human interaction from the outset.

The road crossing the state-owned forest of Cerisy-la-Forêt evokes a special feeling from the very first couple of metres. It is a nature reserve planted mainly with beech trees, whose green colour is flamboyant as summer approaches. The beech grove is adorned with yellow-orange tones from autumn onwards. As a nature lover, I’m already smitten.

Once I cross the village of Cerisy, I reach the place where I will be staying for the next two days. A sober sign, white background, black lettering surrounded by a red frame reminiscent of the geometric plan of the farmhouse, indicates the path to follow at the crossroads of the county road: Les Rochers.

My eager footsteps echo with a melodious sound as I march in on the gravel. My gaze is quickly drawn to the arch of this immense porch made of granite. A very majestic entrance for a place that is just as majestic. This former 16th century manor house reveals all its splendours and dimensions at first sight. A spacious gravelled inner courtyard guides you to the various buildings that bound the length of the manor.

At its centre is a green setting covered with an impeccably tended lawn, lined with trees, shrubs and bushes. I like the sound of this pebbly path. All around are fields as far as the eye can see. I rediscover what I had already enjoyed through the photos I gleaned from the Internet. In real life, it’s even more beautiful. This direct link with nature so close to me captivates me and fills me with joy. I am sensitive to the modern touch of the design of the garden tables and chairs. Their shapes and colours in red and black are like touches of paint applied here and there in the shade of oaks or facing meadows. 

Susanna is there to welcome me. The charm I experienced during our various telephone conversations is amplified from the first instants we meet. She kindly welcomes me to accompany her to « l’Auberge », the main and common living area of Les Rochers. This old barn, left to stew in its own juice, is the setting for the meetings and the daily schedules of the guests, from breakfast time to meal times (« Les Rochers » is also a « table d’hôtes ») until sunset. The immensity of the building and its volumes are magnified by the notes of jazz music in the background soundtrack, finely chosen by the lady of the house. I am reeled in. I feel good.

This immense building, like an agricultural cathedral, is bathed in a light as penetrating as the warmth of friendship here. Everything within these walls was imagined, designed and built with four hands. Susanna and Konstantin are passionate about art and the art of living, and you can see that as much as you can feel it. This passion for art has pursued Konstantin since his birth. As the son of the great painter Hans Falk, one of the most important and influential modern Swiss painters, he embraced and cultivated beauty and good taste throughout his life. On the walls of their « Rochers » are vibrant testimonials to the passion of this unclassifiable duo. A mix of ultra-contemporary décor, skilfully reconstructed ruins and modernist design.

The Le Corbusier chairs stand next to an Andalusian Madonna rustled up in a local antique shop. The wood combines harmoniously with the metal and testifies to the brilliant eclecticism of this unusual couple. The wear and tear on the stones, the fluidity of the concrete, the quality of the tiling, everything here is beautiful.

And what can we say about the crazy and ingenious idea of having set an immense contemporary painting in the middle of the room, painted by one of their many artist friends, in this case Beat Ris and Patrizia Meier, inspired by a painting by Renato Guttuso, a Sicilian painter, depicting a stall scene in the Palermo Market « La Vucciria ». A personalised dedication signs offs the whole thing. Up to you to find what it says. It separates the living part of the « Auberge » from the kitchen, which is the favourite place of Konstantin, a self-taught genius, an artist at heart and a great cook in his spare time, a perfectionist at all times. The painting in question represents a scene from a display of a fishmonger occupying almost the entire width of the room. The colours and style of the painting make me think a lot of the works of Brueghel the Elder or the Younger. 

This passion for art can be found in every decorative object, in every book present, in every detail of the renovation, placing this unique place in a style unlike any other, giving it a strong, refined, delicate and in no way imposing personality. Quite simply a very personal lifestyle.

Susanna offers me a tea from Mariage Frères. A delicious almond green tea. An opportunity to chat and get to know one another. I share my first impressions and compliment my hostess. The Auberge is very well laid out, very well equipped, perfectly restored with respect for the past, revealing the raw beauty of the original materials of stone and wood. The ceiling height is unbelievable.

Susanna and I have plenty of subjects to explore. As our conversations become more intimate, as the charm grows between us, as we get along immediately, the atmosphere in the room is transformed and the weather outside suddenly changes. A ray of sunshine pierces the clouds laden with spring rain and crosses the room with its typical Norman light. That’s also what Normandy is all about, this feverishly changing sky, the green of its dense meadows.

I feel good here in this lounge area of the Auberge, so tastefully furnished, comfortably seated on thick Le Bambole sofas, Italian design from the 70s. Palpable emotion as Susanna tells me about the cushions whose embroidery was made by her mother-in-law. She tells me ingeniously that it was when she saw one of my photos on Instagram, with graphics and colors reminding her of this same cushion, that she decided to accept our collaboration. It was a very moving confidence. Céline Wright’s kaleidoscope lighting fixture, a palanquin made of Japanese paper or « Washi », brings an airy and poetic touch to the sculpted lighting.

On the advice of my host, I chose to stay in room 4 or « La Quatre ». Already spotted on a few photos of the Instagram des Rochers account – the shell-shaped bathtub surrounded by an all-stone decor caught my attention. Its window directly filtering daylight while taking a bath had helped me finalise my choice. Susanna offered to accompany me to my room. We crossed the central courtyard to reach the building opposite the Auberge. Very quickly, I realised that we were not alone and that we were being followed. I seem to intrigue the other permanent residents at Les Rochers: the dog Milo, Basile the cat and their other four-legged friends who are no longer reluctant to show up now that the rain has stopped. I have a passion for cats. No wonder that this small group of friends, who quickly adopts me, feels at home here.

Just past the front door of La 4, a huge hall is revealed, with volumes reaching the height of the roof supported by the exposed roof structure left rough and bare.

Noble materials dominate, such as wood, stone, iron and glass, ennobled by a few paintings on the walls and a sofa-bench in red velvet, resembling the double seats of an old theatre. You will have understood it, art is the glue keeping the house together.

This hall is accessible via two entrances, courtyard side and field side, composed of large bay windows. A central staircase, loft-style, leads to the first floor where there are two bedrooms arranged continuosly.

On the ground floor the living room, the relaxation area which also serves as a smoking room (cigars and some alcoholic beverages are available for free access). A friendly « Honesty Bar »), a games room with its snooker table, a space dedicated to music with a selection of vinyl and CDs and then displays of art books and novels revealing the impressive culture of the owners of the place. On the stone walls, paintings and more and more art, African masks, contemporary sculptures, drawings and this wooden panel from an ancient moucharabieh, found in an antique shop in Caen. Konstantin, who studied Islamic sciences and ancient Arabic, had not remained unmoved by its symbolism. For laymen, of which I am one, you will find books on Hans Falk whose protective shadow hangs over the place.

I like the brightness of the hall, the dimensions and the industrial spirit of the stairwell leading to the first floor. My room, an architectural acromegaly, is simply huge: 90m2 or the entire length of the building in which it was built. Via a footbridge facing it, one reaches a second room used as an office or as a second bedroom for large families. Everything is bright, with a 180° view of both the farm and the surrounding fields. Nature, as ever. My room is disproportionately high under the roof.

The space, layout and touches of colour speak to me. Other details catch my attention, such as this old pedal car for children, a collector’s toy, in a bright red contrast with the grey cement wall that separates the bedroom and bathroom areas. It reminds me of a partition screen whose dimensions blend in perfectly with the whole. On this central low wall, a non-figurative painting painted by Hans Falk, as well as a gap in corrugated transparent glass brick. Rustic-effect wooden flooring for the floor, enhanced by a coloured Berber carpet.

Four roof windows accentuate the already bright atmosphere of the original windows and skylights. This arrangement offers a multitude of different views to enjoy the varying light from sunrise to sunset. Attractive blackout roller blinds provide privacy at any time of the day or night.

The simple decoration manages to convey an intimate impression of a place that might seem ostentatious. Every object is placed in its proper place in order to make you feel at home. Each object in its own way tells us its story, its past. Next to the carpet, facing the bed, a couch borders the rest area dedicated to reading and discussion, which two armchairs and a 1930’s coffee table invite you to make your own.

And if, by the slightest chance, your chatting runs out of heat, a stove is at your disposal to warm up any kind of atmosphere. I love it. Everything you need to light the fire is there. Another large painting with Sybarite symbolism is enthroned in this corner, helping to create a warm atmosphere in this space that at first glance might seem quite Olympian. Another work by Hans Falk covering his London period. The sleeping nook patiently awaits its evening visitors. Its metal frame makes it particularly comfortable. I like the bench made of wooden planks and the associated metal structure, forming a very pleasant footboard bench.

Let’s go to the other side into the bathroom, which opens onto the bedroom from both sides. A true living room where the island bathtub sits in pride of place, facing the window at the foot of the stone wall, which in itself is a work of art. Bath time promises magical moments.  There is a pretty old towel rack, adjacent to the bath, which is very practical when getting out of the bath. There is a large vanity unit on the opposite wall, perfect for displaying your personal belongings, as well as the black retro-effect electric towel rail. It hangs there like a work of art in itself. A glass shower with small red tiles for the morning rush. It should be noted that the room has been entirely designed by our two owner craftsmen. The result is not only stunning but also and above all surprisingly high quality. Adjacent to the shower, separated by a wall, a very well thought-out dressing room with its small window.

A second room, separate from the main one and accessible via a footbridge, is located at the other end of the building. This is a second room that can be converted for the members of a large family. An antique wooden horse stands on the window of the access corridor. A set of 1930s Art Deco style furniture catches my attention, such as this beautiful burr walnut English bar and its matching desk. On the walls, paintings, sketches, photographs and this antique sign with an offbeat touch and the « Gasoil Shell » provide a « pop » and lively touch. It was discovered by chance in one of the barns and brilliantly restored. It is yet another beautiful, bright and spacious room providing a fresh perspective of the meadows as far as the eye can see.

The beauty of the place is self-sufficient. Yet Susanna and Konstantin have been very judicious in adding amplifying touches of beauty to it. The ingenious magic of this couple is their ability to give even the smallest objects, even the most common of our daily lives, a life, a soul, a fabric, an authenticity. It’s sober, it’s refined, it’s raw, it’s generous. It’s everything I love. It’s everything that will allow me to spend the next few days happily. I can feel it.

I feel good here, the beautiful Norman sunlight light is still there and generous between occasional showers. I put on a special outfit, rubber boots and a yellow waterproof jacket from « Rain » to go and take some pictures in the meadows and jump in the puddles. I meet my friendly hosts with a gentle, amused smile on their faces. They must be wondering: who is this cheerful, colourful madman?

After this breath of fresh air in the middle of the surrounding nature, there is nothing better than lazing about and indulging in silky smooth pleasures comfortably installed in my room. The stove starts to warm up the room nicely. I can hear the soft crackling of the logs. Relaxing over tea while the bath water flows. Total immersion in the warmth of the thick fumes that spread through the air.

At your disposal, the Green Lab brand bath products, dermatologically tested eco-labels: 01 or body and hair gel; 05 liquid hand soap. How soft the evening is under the filtered shine of the setting day, which is projected throughout the room. Wrapped in the restful silence of the riverside countryside, dinner tonight will be served around the stove. Evening on hold !

At Les Rochers, breakfast is included in the price for room guests. Breakfast is served at the Auberge between 8:30 am and 10:30 am with a classic formula revisited by our duo, which never lacks innovation, enriched with regional products that respect the seasons.

Each day, Konstantin proposes a sweet and a savoury treat, depending on inspiration and available produce. This morning, I just have to cross the courtyard to get to the Auberge. It’s nice. Susanna welcomes and serves me with a pleasant smile. The wooden and metal tables that are already set up were also designed by their decidedly surprising owners.

An entire section of the wall has shelves lined up with cookery and culinary art books. A pleasant atmosphere around the stove, lulled by music in the background.

There is a basket of bread and pastries and a selection of jams on the table. Bright and sober white porcelain service. Muesli is served on small slate trays on top of white cheese with red fruits and verrines of homemade fruit salad. For the savoury, Black Forest ham, ewe’s milk cheese and Norman camembert. Poached eggs in a verrine with Madagascar pepper, marinated salmon, homemade freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.

After breakfast, Susanna suggested that I visit the other rooms of the guest house. Curious by nature, I am eager to discover the personality of each room. I start with room Three, 70m2 on the garden level, in the same building as my room.

Volumes as impressive as ever, exposed stone, sandstone tiles on the floor whose shade of grey matches perfectly with the greys of the walls, the Bergère sofa and the painting hanging just above. And then that stove again, probably the element I prefer first. In the entrance hall there is a sitting area with a magnificent set consisting of a chaise longue and a Corbusier armchair placed on an ecru long-pile carpet. Impossible to miss the centerpiece of the room, located next to the bed, a sculpture representing a pink flamingo made of recovered metal and parts of a motorcycle. The work is signed by Benoit Tabary. Here the body of the bird is moulded in the tank of a Honda. Ingenious and powerful.

I continue my visit with the front page, a duplex room located in the same farmhouse that the owners occupy but with its own independent entrance. Nearly 50m2 spread over two levels. I fall for the living room with its stone fireplace. The first floor is accessed by a small staircase to reach the bedroom and its bathroom. It is arranged like a small private house.

I conclude with room La Deux which is accessed from the side opposite the entrance to the previous bedrooms. It is accessed by a private terrace overlooking the panoramic, surrounding nature. This room also draws my attention because of its beautiful bathroom with a large rectangular bathtub, its stove, its beautiful golden wooden beams, its small sofa, its very rare and charming 1930’s writing desk, which is closed by a small window, its chest of drawers and its carpet. This room exudes life, comfort and warmth.

It is important to know that three of these rooms are arranged in the same building whereas one of them is adjacent to the main building in which Susanna and Konstantin have installed their own private quarters. This gives you an idea of the colossal scale of the architecture and the enormous conversion work required by our two brilliant craftsmen and artists when they acquired this building. The result is an extraordinary combination of their combined talents.

While breakfast continues beyond the official schedule, the diverse and varied exchanges with Susanna are warmly welcoming. Through some of the questions I asked her, she quickly understood my interest in the antiques scattered throughout the house, also in this very room. So she suggested that I go as far as the village of Cormolain, about twenty minutes from Cerisy, and visit an antique dealer, promising me a unique encounter. Her enthusiastic tone and her enthusiastic description of the place made me decide to follow her advice. I just can’t resist, so this afternoon I’ll go to this antique shop to discover the treasures described by Susanna.

But before that, this morning, in order to ensure proper digestion and to get some fresh air, I have planned a walk along the marked footpaths all around the farm. In Cerisy-la-Forêt, the beaten paths are as famous as its Abbey. They blend in with tree roots and ivy in such a way that they seem dug out. Wearing my waterproof boots, I set off to discover this glorious countryside.

Everything is in bloom this June. Tall, distinctive foxgloves are strewn along the sides of the road. The purple flowers contrast with the white of the daisies and the green of the foliage. These deep paths are spectacular, like tunnels of greenery, like vortexes that you can get lost in. They remind me of the fairytale world in Tim Burton’s films. The sun’s rays regularly pierce the green canopy and reveal an astonishing variety of shades of colour. I have fun in puddles.

My path leads me to an unexpected and exotic encounter: a mule and her foal. They are grazing peacefully in one of the meadows I cross. I linger. I seem to intrigue them. They are so cute. I call them. Their curiosity finally overcomes their shyness and they come to meet me. They whinny and seem as excited about this meeting as I am. Moments of truth, simplicity, beauty. I pet them and they pose for my photos. I film them. Neither they nor I seem to want to interrupt these pleasant moments. And then everyone goes back to their daily routine.

Quickly back to my room to change, then on to Cormolain. I make an appointment at this mysterious flea market. The road to get there goes through this distinctive Normandy bocage landscape, lined with hedgerows and promontories, which are worth a stop to enjoy the panoramic views.

The « Brocante Cormolain » is hidden in the old Presbytery of the village, located in the street of the same name, a stone’s throw from the church and its surrounding cemetery. A picture postcard setting awaits me as I discover this superb mansion worthy of a lord. While walking along the side path, I was greeted by a charming lady, with a frail physique but a light gait, a cheerful face and silver hair. One senses that this woman has a good-natured self-confidence, full of good intentions.

The place is beautiful, consisting of three original buildings on two levels, left as they stand since the parish priest left the premises a long time ago. All the objects in this cave of wonders are exhibited and arranged in an unsuspected order. From the very first moments of our conversation, the ingenious manager of the premises showed a rare courtesy. Her passion for what she calls her hobby is vibrant and communicative. Her knowledge of each of the smallest objects placed just about everywhere allows her to tell you about their origin and past. I discover a delicate, intelligent, cultured woman.

We communicate well. So I ask her if I can access the famous « boudoir » Susanna told me about, a wealth of garments where I can see hats of all kinds, laces, knits, bags, trunks, accessories, jewellery, coats, fabrics, carpets, furniture. A dream. This is rarely revealed – you’ll have to earn Charo Renouf’s trust to get in here. I’m in my element. I put on almost everything I can find. When I ask, Charo Renouf climbs on stepladders, moves from one shelf to the next and finds miracles. Carried away in the same momentum, I stumbled upon a rare pearl: a cotton shirt and shorts outfit with musketeer cuffs by Jeanne Lanvin. The original purchaser’s initials are embroidered. Splendid! Madame Charo knows how to set affordable prices for each item. Before leaving, I whisk away a beautiful mid-19th century breakfast cup and saucer for a very good price. A very rare item.

My guide senses that I am passionate about everything I see. I tell her about my experience in a fashion house and about my training as a « petite main » or apprentice there. She shows me lace, tulle and silk petticoats, crinolines which she calls « tulle powder, lace powder ». It’s so poetic. She decides that we can’t just part with a simple goodbye. She improvises a tea break in her garden in bright sunshine, with the pleasant company of her cat. I’m already looking forward to returning to Cormolain and finding Charo Renouf and her fabulous shope.

Just before returning to Les Rochers, I made a detour to Balleroy to discover its castle, park and church.

Tonight, Susanna and Konstantin invited me for a private dinner. I am obviously very touched and delighted to be able to get to know my two hosts better. The evening begins with champagne. We share our day while exchanging exciting anecdotes. Laughter and good humor preside over the evening. And then the unpredictable and the magical arise. Just as we were about to sit down to dinner, two deer cross the clearing before our very eyes, against the backdrop of the emerging twilight sky, just a few metres from the house. Like a surrealist painting, so we rush to get a good photo of it straight away.

The table is set up near the stove. Simplicity and savour are on the menu this evening. As a starter, ham carpaccio, parmesan cheese and rocket salad.

The hot dish is just succulent: potatoes, beans, white beans, shrimps, wild fennel, seasoned with olive oil and sprinkled with Madagascar pepper.

The evening went on until late, alternating time for conversation and tasting the dishes, washed down with a perfect champagne. Conversation loosened up, bonds were forged and friendships were made. An excellent, beautiful moment. I was deeply touched by the quality of the welcome and the warmth of the friendship. Time was suspended for a few hours. Time to cross the courtyard. Good night!

This morning, the Normandy sky still seems to promise a day full of discoveries and surprises. We agreed on a later time for breakfast in order to give my two hosts a little breathing space. Like the day before, it features fresh produce and Konstantin’s ever-renewed inspiration.

Susanna suggests that I should discover the gîte which is available for rent by the week. Its last occupants left this very morning. A chance to take some pictures in this cosy house, independent from the other buildings but within the common premises.

From the very first glance, I fell in love with the layout of this house. Large windows and functioning French windows, living room and library area around the stove, furnishings and paintings of the same style as the bedrooms described above. The ground floor continues into a fully equipped kitchen whose central round table catches my attention. The access to the first floor is from here. An office and dressing area leads to the bedroom, passing in front of the shower room. I like the small writing desk and the Venetian mirror. The gîte has a private terrace overlooking the meadow. You can eat there when the weather is nice.

So many things to do and discover here at Les Rochers. Susanna feels my enthusiasm. She spontaneously and generously offers that I stay an extra night. I’m touched. How can I refuse? Especially seeing as I would love to satisfy my curiosity by going all the way to Granville and visit Mont Saint-Michel and its fortress as well as the Christian Dior Museum. A double opportunity to go to the seaside.

On the road, I can’t help but stop in poppy fields against a backdrop of topaz-colored sea and cotton-wool sky. The combination of poppy red and blue-grey in the background is surreal.

The suburbs of Granville are coming up. Here I am standing in front of the childhood home of the great couturier Monsieur Christian Dior. It stands in the heights of the city, on the crest of a cliff, facing the Channel Islands. Built at the end of the 19th century, it owes its name, Les Rhumbs, to the analogy of the 32 dots of a compass rose, a symbol reproduced in a mosaic decorating the floor of one of the entrances to the Villa.

In 1906, Christian Dior’s parents acquired this townhouse surrounded by a park protected from the winds and added a winter garden. In 1932, shortly after the death of Madeleine Dior, the couturier’s mother, his father, Maurice, an inveterate casino gambler, was ruined due to bad business deals. The property was then put up for sale. Bought by the town of Granville, its garden was opened to the public in 1938.

On the day of my visit, I was able to enjoy the exhibition « Grace of Monaco: Princess in Dior ». Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite actress became Princess of Monaco in 1956 following her marriage to Prince Rainier III. From the moment she met the Prince, Grace showed a particular taste for Dior creations. With a selection of approximately 90 dresses from her wardrobe preciously kept at the Palais de Monaco, the exhibition takes place in each room of the Dior house. You can also find sketches by Marc Bohan for the Christian Dior fashion house. Marc Bohan is a great French couturier who spent some thirty years at Dior as Artistic Director for Haute Couture.

Christian Dior’s childhood home itself is magnificent, modest in size but noble in appearance, covered with a very soft pink plaster that makes it so distinctive. It immediately appeals to visitors.

I decide to take the coastal footpath from the Christian Dior Museum to get to the centre of Granville, which goes down the cliff and along the beach. Sumptuous panoramas await me there. Granville is a very popular seaside resort, both in summer and winter. Sometimes nicknamed the « Monaco of the North » because of its location, built on a rocky promontory, it deserves a visit. Its Casino located just off the beach, combines a style reminiscent of an Indian Palace on the outside and Art Nouveau on the inside. Although the city comprises several districts, I concentrated on the high ground and the historic centre behind the medieval ramparts. Fabulous.

Back to Les Rochers, my favourite place, where I feel so good, where it’s good to rest and recharge once the tourism part of the day is over. Susanna takes the time to ask me questions and to share her own impressions of my choices for the day’s walks. I like her analytical opinions, always detailed and precise. It’ s a real pleasure to talk to her.

After my last breakfast this morning, Konstantin did me the honour of allowing me to see his wine cellar. A stash completely in keeping with the rest of the house. The said cellar is more like a pantry occupying a part of the ground floor of a building not yet entirely renovated at Les Rochers. A gem of a room, that you will have no trouble believing is fitted out with the same meticulous care as all the other areas of the farmhouse: minimalist walls, brick and rough concrete flooring, access doors to the various original interior storerooms made of wood and metal reinforcement left untouched. Even in these rooms, there is room for art. Both in the way the wine racks and shelves are arranged, but also by hanging this painting specially created for the cellar. Only available on request. Konstantin is in his element here. He is pampering his special place. It’ s a pleasure to see him in his secret world. It is possible to buy the wines offered by the Table des Rochers to take away or to accompany your meals. An organic range is available.

Sad to leave, happy to come back, as the saying goes. For my part, I have never liked goodbyes. As we exchange a few goodbyes and hugs, I feel the emotion that grips Susanna, Konstantin and me. A few words, a few glances will be enough. My starsign is Cancer or crab, which has just found a rock that it was able to hid under for almost four days. Words cannot suffice, but it is important to say thank you. So thank you both, dear Susanna, dear Konstantin. Thank you for what you do, thank you for who you are. And without a doubt, congratulations on your beautiful creation here at Les Rochers. See you soon !

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